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Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf provides a great alternative to natural grass where natural grass is not appropriate, such as heavily shaded areas or areas of high wear. What's more it is UV resistant so won't fade and will look freshly manicured with very little maintenance required. It can also be installed over rubber pads to make fully compliant softfall zones, making it an alternative to traditional playground surfaces.

Ausplay has many years’ experience in installing Australian made Synthetic Turf on a variety of projects across Brisbane and wider Australia, so you can be assured you will get a professional, high quality finish every time.

Ausplay can offer several types of Synthetic Turf available in a wide range of pile height, design and colours to suit your needs and can service many sectors including:

  • Early Childhood
  • Schools
  • Commercial/Retail Businesses
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Residential Development

Our Process
Synthetic Truf

Aus-Urban Play

Aus-Urban Play is a sturdy artificial turf that can be installed onto almost any existing surface. Aus-Urban Play has a 19mm pile, which we fill to approximately 15mm with clean washed and kiln dried sand to assist with cushioning and to give the turf a realistic appearance.

Unlike many other synthetic turfs, Aus-Urban Play installed in this manner maintains low abrasion characteristics making it one of the most child friendly artificial turf solutions available. For the softfall surfacing areas, we incorporate a cushioned pad of recycled rubber base directly underneath the surface.

Aus-Urban Oasis

We offer URBAN-Turf Oasis 30mm synthetic turf for installation throughout Australia. This is constructed from a 30mm pile variegated ultimate yarn and incorporates a mono-filament in the base which holds the infill and ensures resilience and longevity.

The in-fill is to approx. 20mm depth of kiln dried sand for security & leaf longevity and gives an urban landscape appearance. Aus-Urban Oasis 30mm Synthetic Turf surface is a premium landscape long pile grass that is commonly installed in early childhood, school and local government public open spaces creating lush landscaped lawn with a soft feel for children to enjoy.

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