Smithfield Village Early Learning Centre - Ausplay Playscapes

Smithfield Village Early Learning Centre

Located in Smithfield, Cairns, Smithfield Village Early Learning Centre wanted to showcase the natural environment and provide unique learning experiences for their children.

Ausplay Playscapes was able to provide a full custom design that includes several different play experiences, from the Water World Splash Pad and Nature Play Areas to the Bike tracks and specially designed Barnyard.

The Barnyard is a major feature of the Centre, and includes housing for Chickens, ducks and a very special pig.  Children are encouraged to participate with the animals and be involved in their care – developing their sense of responsibility and cooperation.

To create even more excitement within the playscape, Ausplay incorporated a Windmill into the playscape that spins and pumps water in a fantastic display of energy and motion that has become a focal point of the area.


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