Play & Learn Upper Coomera - Ausplay Playscapes

Play & Learn Upper Coomera

Even before stepping through the door at Play & Learn Upper Coomera, your imagination is racing as you are welcomed by the custom built ship bursting through the front fence.

Step inside and you will be greeted by a host of exciting play opportunities designed and constructed by the Ausplay Playscapes team.  The design creates several different worlds, all with different focus, within one larger, cohesive playscape.

With a focus on natural and imaginative play, the playscape includes a large sand play area, complete with mud kitchen, sand pit and cascading water over carved sandstone, as well as a digging pit with prehistoric bones to discover – leading into the centres own ‘Dino Land’.

The custom fort is a major centrepiece, with multiple slides, cubbies and entry points, as well as a tunnel that encompasses the new bike track.

Ausplay was also able to make the most of a difficult narrow space behind the building, designing a climbing wall, garden world and exciting tunnel to turn constraints into opportunities for the client.


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