New School Playscape Design - Miles State School - Ausplay Playscapes

New School Playscape Design - Miles State School

New School Playscape Design  – Miles State School commissioned Ausplay Playscapes to develop a concept for a new Recreation Performance area that would also become a central active play zone.

Ausplay Playscapes worked closely with the school to develop a design that met the needs of the school for a performance space, while also allowing flexibility for play and educational purposes.

A performance stage becomes a focal point for the space, with a large open synthetic turf area that allows for audience seating during performances as well as informal active play at other times.

The central multi-use play space uses rubber surfacing to create games and educational tools throughout, with a collection of unique shade or trellis arbours designed by Ausplay Playscapes.

A nature based play area surrounds the multi-use play space, using a creekbed to assist in drainage while also being an area of exploration and discovery.


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