Everton Early Learning Centre - Ausplay Playscapes

Everton Early Learning Centre

Ausplay was commissioned by Everton Early Learning Centre to transform their existing yard into an exciting nature based playscape to capture the imaginations of the children under their care.

Ausplay Playscapes created and constructed an assortment of exciting play experiences within the small space, that promote a variety of skills and encourage social activity.

As you walk through the doors you will be welcomed by a colourful archway that also sprays water as part of the larger Waterplay Splash pad.  Water sprays, bubbles and pours out of elements in the splash pad, with endless fun to be had in a safe environment.

As you make your way through the playscape, you will find the custom timber play fort, complete with climbing decks, tunnel and double slide, surrounded by a bike track, as well as a sand pit, digging patch and mud kitchen.

A special feature of this centre is the barnyard that is home to chickens and ducks that the children assist in the care of to promote responsibility and engagement with the environment.

Ausplay also incorporated several quiet play elements for imaginative play and story telling, such as the yarning circle, tee pee and story telling areas.


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