Cannington Early Learning Centre - Ausplay Playscapes

Cannington Early Learning Centre

Located in Cannington, Western Australia, Cannington Early Learning Centre focuses on the importance of learning through play.

Ausplay was proud to be able to design and construct the outdoor playscape for the centre, which centres around the exciting custom timber play structure in the middle of the playscape.  The fort features various levels for climbing and role playing, as well as a slide and climbing net.  The biggest feature of this fort is the way it is set into a mounded synthetic turf area, that allows for the bike track to wind underneath, which is fast becoming a favourite with the children as they experience multi level play.

The playscape also includes a mud kitchen with hand pump, a digging patch and sand pit for hand on play as well as additional sensory and exploratory activities such as gardening, blackboards and stepping stones throughout.

The active space promotes development of motor skills and upper body strength through the use of balance ropes and planks that allow older children to refine their skills.


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