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Natural Playscapes

Play is an integral part of learning, and at Ausplay, we specialise in the design and construction of quality, custom playscapes for children, that promote imaginative and interactive play.

Everything in an Ausplay Playscape is carefully selected for safety, durability and most of all – Play Value. Our experienced team uses a balanced combination of natural and synthetic elements to deliver practical, low maintenance play environment solutions that offer a variety of play experiences to explore.

Our playscapes aim to give children a safe environment that fosters a sense of discovery and adventure – where they can create their own stories, build relationships, solve problems and refine motor skills.

We have successfully delivered playscapes to Childcare Centres, Schools and Local Government around Brisbane, South East Queensland and beyond.

Our Process

Custom play structures & bridges

We provide Custom climbing forts, swings, bridges, mud kitchens, tee-pees and Cubbys to enhance and suit the theme of the project. With designers in-house we can work with you to modify or create a unique piece perfect for your project. With Ausplay, the opportunities are endless.

All of our play structures are built by qualified carpenters or manufacturers and meet the strict Australian Standards for playgrounds.


An exciting addition to any playground is the use of water. Ausplay has a range of water play elements that can be added to most playscapes to provide a fun and sensory experience that excites children and promotes healthy active play.

Water can be incorporated as a separate water play area, or can be integrated throughout the playscapes in subtle, but exciting ways – such as flowing creekbeds, misters and pumps.

Garden/Farm World

Giving children the experience of working with their environment is invaluable, and fosters a love of nature and the outdoors, while refining and developing motor skills and environmental awareness.

Working in an Ausplay Garden World, Children can improve concentration and learn important social and interpersonal skills in a relaxed environment.

Where edible foods are grown, Children benefit from the positive connection with healthy food and gain an understanding of their natural environment.

Integration of a Farm World or Bird aviary into a playscape also brings an exciting element for Children to learn responsibility and observation skills.

Ausplay can provide custom built herb gardens, raised planting beds, chook pens and bird aviaries along with many other supporting elements to assist Teachers and educators.

Recent Projects